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Charles Hayward Smell Of Metal

Charles Hayward
Smell Of Metal


Charles Hayward formed This Heat in 1976, with Gareth Williams and Charles Bullen: an experimental mix of Can, dub, punk and industrial. (DFA is a glint in its eye.) He also drummed for The Raincoats and Crass. The Kemal selections here are from his tribute to Mark Rothko, released in 1990 by the wonderful Brussels label Sub Rosa: grooving, stripped, moody DJ assassinators, fresh as anything.
On the second vinyl, Maxmillion Dunbar is possessed by Photek disguised as DJ Premier. His favourite of his own remixes, according to a recent interview. And another hard-core CH fan, JD Twitch rocks up with a carrier of Giallo videos and New Beat singles, gobbling Goblin and Belgian acid.
Beautiful, gatefold artwork, again.