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Mountains Of Tongues Musical Dialects Of The Caucasus

Mountains Of Tongues
Musical Dialects Of The Caucasus


Precious recordings full of wonder, grit and beauty by more than fifty musicians Armenians, Azerbaijanis, Georgians, Chechens, and smaller groupings which don't fit national grids, like Azeris from Georgia, Kurds from Tbilisi, Avars and Lezgis from Azerbaijan, Molokans taken between 2012-13 throughout the borderlands of Europe and Asia, between the Caspian and Black Seas, where so many languages and traditions are tipping into extinction. Songs in Lezgi and Batsbi... instruments like the Tushetian chianuri, of which there are only two, and the agach komuz from Dagestan...

  • Aran Gedamamasi - Ashig Gumbat
  • / Gandagana Chiboni Medley - Levan Veshapidze
  • / Avar Song on Accordion - Absalden
  • / Traditional Wedding Song - Bayram
  • / Song in Chechen - Pankisi Ensemble
  • / Qanun Melody - Marie Bagdasarian
  • / Armenian and Azerbaijani Kamancheh Medley - Sergo Kamalov
  • / Tush Balalaika Melody - Amirani Nekerauli
  • / Performer's Composition - Emrullah
  • / Chechen Balalaika Melody - Musa
  • / Adila-Ali Pasha - Anchiskhati Choir Trio
  • / Garmon and Daira (Instrumental) - Lola and Grastia
  • / Orta Saritel - Ashig Garib
  • / Avar Folk Melody - Amar Halbaev
  • / Batsbi Song - Meri Jikoshvili
  • / Gandagana - Tamaz Nakashidze
  • / Tush Folk Medley - Gia Lagazidze
  • / Tape Recording of Grandmother's Singing - Molokan Cousins
  • / Eshkhemet - Miqayel Voskanyan