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Trembling Bells Featuring Bonnie 'Prince' Billy The Marble Downs

Trembling Bells Featuring Bonnie 'Prince' Billy
The Marble Downs


'It’d be daft to even attempt an exhaustive list of what’s gone musically into this enormous bubbling cauldron of ideas. Just when you’re getting used to a base of traditional/folk-rock within the madness, a song like Ain’t Nothing Wrong With A Little Longing slices in on garage organs and fuzz guitar before buggering off somewhere completely different. And then the whole thing immediately slows down into what could almost be a lost Simon and Garfunkel classic (which it turns out is a musical setting of a Dorothy Parker poem – Excursions Into Assonance). In amongst all this it makes perfect sense to do a portentous, apocalyptic version of Oldham’s own Riding, punctuated by an insistent repeating peal of guitar sound. And to top the whole lot off with a cover from a Robin Gibb solo album. Of course it does.
'There’s folk, there’s rock, there’s psychedelia, there’s beauty, there’s noise, there’s sex, there’s gloom, there’s humour, there’s fun. It’s often over-the-top but sometimes perfectly restrained. It’s totally, gloriously, fucking nuts' (Sounds XP).

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