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Basil Kirchin Primitive London

Basil Kirchin
Primitive London


From 1965, the first UK 'mondo' style documentary, with Kirchin scoring the sleazy underbelly of the Capitalís days and nights. From births to deaths via strippers, chicken factories and wife swapping parties.

'Together here with Kirchinís music for The Freelance ó a gangland oddity set in London, shot in 1971 and starring Ian McShane ó the two scores represent interesting times in his musical life and development. The first score pre-dates his work for de Wolfe and KPM, but proves that many of his signature sounds and techniques were already in place. The instant and insistent rhythms are present, as are the melancholic chords and the well forged melodies. Youíll also catch a touch of intense darkness and his brilliant and quite unorthodox approach to music in general. And by the time we get to The Freelance in the breaking 1970s, we have his musical style well and truly developed, with free jazz experiments mixing with his other signatures and even a touch of optimism is present as the new decade unfolds.'