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Music From The Outskirts Of Jakarta Gambang Kromong

Music From The Outskirts Of Jakarta
Gambang Kromong


A dizzying kind of Dixieland gamelan, played on Indonesian, Chinese, and sometimes European-derived instruments.

  • Gambang Kromong Irama Bersatu - Pobin Kong Ji Lok
  • / Poblin Pe Pan Tau, Gula Ganting, Lopan Ce Cu Teng (medley)
  • / Mas Nona, Pobin Pe Pan Tau, Lopan Tukang Sado (medley) Pobin Pe Pan Tau, Mas Nona , Lopan Tukang Sado (medley) Pobin Poa Si Li Tan, Poa Si Li Tan, Poblin Poa Si Li Tan (medley) Poblin Pe Pan Tau, Burung Nori, Lopan Seng Kyok (medley) Gambang Kromong Slendang Betawi - Balo-Balo
  • / Stambul Bila
  • / Onde-Onde
  • / Stambul Lama
  • / Grup Tanjidor Kembang Ros - Cinta Manis