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Ethnic Minority Music of Northwest Xinjiang

Ethnic Minority Music of Northwest Xinjiang


'Several magnificent and unique varieties of traditional Islamic folk music with traces of Arabic, Persian, and Turkish influences heard throughout. The players are Kazakh, Uyghur, Kirgiz and Mongol Erut musicians performing on a wide array of local stringed instruments including topchar, komuz, rushtar, rawab and tchang. One amazing example is Kurmanjiang Zaccharia, a Kazakh string virtuoso, whose lightning fast fingers blaze up and down the neck of his two-stringed dongbra. Another is an epic 10 minute vocal muqam performed by a trio of Uyghur musicians on satar, tambur and dotar. Also featured is a Kazakh singing style called Ay Ikesse performed by Aken (improvising poet-singers utilizing dongbra accompaniment), Kirgiz songs sung in the Manas Style and played on the Komuz, and Mongol Erut bai boor den instrumental pieces.'

  • Babulao
  • / The Mountain's Pine Trees
  • / Margul
  • / Masto A Iran
  • / Atamake
  • / Reu Yibuli
  • / Atoosh's Song
  • / Beautiful Kushtar
  • / Bai Boor Den
  • / Golden Bowl
  • / Komontor Hana
  • / Aday
  • / Bai Boor Den, four versions
  • / The Rushtar's Song
  • / Morning Nature
  • / White Swan
  • / Ror Salei Muqam