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Koes Plus Dheg Dheg Plas

Koes Plus
Dheg Dheg Plas


Beat rockers, psych pop, ballads and freak-outs from Indonesia's answer to The Beatles.

  • Kelelawar (The Bats)
  • / Derita (Suffer)
  • / Awan Hitam (The Black Cloud)
  • / Tiba Tiba Aku Menangis (Suddenly I Cried)
  • / Bergembira (Have Fun)
  • / Tjintamu Telah Berlalu (Your Love Has Passed)
  • / Dheg Dheg Plas (Heartbeat)
  • / Manis Dan Sajang (Sweet and Dear)
  • / Hilang Tak Berkesan (Gone Without an Impression)
  • / Kembali Ke Djakarta (Back to Djakarta)
  • / Biar Berlalu (Let it go)
  • / Lusa Mungkin Kau Datang (Maybe You Will Come the Day after Tomorrow)
  • / Lagu Dalam Impian (Song in a Dream)
  • / Kisah Sedih Di Hari Minggu (Sunday Sad Story)
  • / Kau Tinggalkan Aku (You left me)
  • / Pent Juri Hati (Heart Stealer)
  • / Hidup Jang Sepi (Quiet Life)
  • / Djangan Selalu Marah (Don't Always be Angry)
  • / Rahasia Hatiku (Secret of my Heart)
  • / Andaikan Kau Datang (Wishing that You Would Come)
  • / Bilakah Kau Pulang (If You Were Home)
  • / Hanya Pusaramu (Only Your Grave)
  • / Mengapa Kau Sedih (Why Were You Sad)
  • / Djandjimu (Your Promise)