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To Scratch Your Heart Early Recordings From Istanbul

To Scratch Your Heart
Early Recordings From Istanbul


From the first three decades of the twentieth century, the music here is so transfixing, intensely devotional and sublimely beautiful, that some contemporary listeners thought they were levitating.
Drawn from recordings made in Istanbul by the Gramophone Company and HMV, amidst the ruins of the Ottoman Empire, To Scratch Your Heart crosses and mixes the folk and classical heritage of Turks, Greeks, Armenians and Gypsies, Muslims, Christians and Jews, urbanites and country-people, and the demands of tradition and modernity, musical improvisation, composition and system.
Most of the singers here are 'hafiz', versed in a musical reading of the Koran, and renowned for mastery of the exalted, improvisatory form of the 'gazel': there are several magnificent examples here, by legendary artists. Three gazelhans beautifully interpret folk songs, and another contributor, the folklorist Agyazar Efendi, sings a long Armenian air with utter authenticity, but in the style of a gazel. Exemplifying the new political freedoms of the Republic, there are two heart-melting female vocal performances of a kind of art-song called 'sarki'. Also featured is the 'taksim', a kind of improvisation in which one-off musical fireworks, designed to ravish the listener's soul, illuminate deep fluency in the 'makam': a who's who of the pre-eminent instrumentalists of this first half-century of Turkish recording, in performances which are simply stunning breath-taking, exquisite and other-worldly.
Brilliantly restored at Abbey Road, fully annotated with rare photographs, and luxuriously presented in both formats.

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Udi Neset Bey - Setaraban Taksim MP3 £0.60
Selanikli Apti Efendi - Sende Acep MP3 £0.60
Agyazar Efendi - Murat Kenarinda MP3 £0.60
Eyyubi Mustafa Sunar Bey - Evc Ara Taksim MP3 £0.60
Hafiz Cemal Bey - Feryat MP3 £0.60
Fikriye Hanim - Ateslik Eder MP3 £0.60
Hafiz Asir Efendi - Kesik Kerem MP3 £0.60
Udi Nevres Bey - Aksam Oldu MP3 £0.60
Eyyubi Mustafa Sunar Bey - Huzzam Taksim MP3 £0.60
Aleko Bacanos Efendi - Segah Taksim MP3 £0.60
Muserref Hanim - Kim Derdi Ki MP3 £0.60
Kamil Efendi - Hicaz Taksim 1 MP3 £0.60
Hafiz Sami - Derdime Vakif Degilim MP3 £0.60
Nubar Bey And Ibrahim Bey - Hicazkar Pesrev MP3 £0.60
Hafiz Mahmut Bey - Bulbulun Ezeli MP3 £0.60
Emin Taninmis Efendi - Rast Taksim MP3 £0.60
Neyzen Tevfik Efendi - Huseyni Taksim MP3 £0.60
Udi Neset Bey - Nihavent Taksim MP3 £0.60
Balikesirli Tanburi Fuat Bey And Nezihe Hanim - Ninni MP3 £0.60
Nafi Bey - Derdime Vakif Degilim MP3 £0.60
Kanuni Artaki Efendi - Sehnaz Taksim MP3 £0.60
Munir Nurettin Bey - Madem Ki Vardi Hicran MP3 £0.60
Yozgatli Hafiz Suleyman Bey - Ben Nasil Ah Etmeyeyim MP3 £0.60
Tanburi Ibrahim Bey - Huzzam Taksim MP3 £0.60
Hafiz Cemal Bey - Yare Varsin MP3 £0.60
Anastas Efendi - Nihavent Taksim MP3 £0.60
Udi Marko Colakoglu Efendi - Hacer-ul Esved Imis MP3 £0.60
Yorgo Bacanos Efendi - Huseyni Taksim MP3 £0.60
Belkis Hanim - Eyvah O Benim Talihime MP3 £0.60
Refik Fersan Bey - Milli Yegah Taksim MP3 £0.60
Sevket Bey - Huyseni Kuzu MP3 £0.60
Eyyubi Mustafa Sunar Bey - Hicaz Taksim MP3 £0.60
Download all MP3 £8.00