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Trembling Bells Carbeth

Trembling Bells


'Trembling Bells are my kind of band — the recording feels live, the sound is gloriously imperfect and they know their roots. Highly recommended' (Joe Boyd).
'You are not going to come across a record more gorgeous OR fist-in-the-air than this. Simultaneous crying and fighting music. Bring on the Army, 20,000 to 1. Or bring on the Long Lost Love. This is the record for that! This is not a description; it's a Goddamn warning' (Ben Chasny).
'**** A deeply affecting ode to lost love resonates with the ancient spirit of Britain. Alex Neilson has a theory that folk music is at its heart free, and hence can serve as the base for whatever kind of journey you care to take from it. The theory is put into practice brilliantly on this incredible collection of songs, which combine early music, psychedelic noise, anthemic rock and traditional British melodies to carry tales of heartbreak and yearning.... [Lavinia Blackwall's] voice is extraordinarily affecting — so pure and light, she sounds more fairy than human — and she brings great tenderness to sad love songs such as Summer's Waning and Garlands Of Stars... the myriad musical ideas are nailed down by classic, disciplined songwriting' (Mojo).
'... fascinated by the short era of smart English ’60s folk-rock — bands like Pentangle and Fairport Convention — with its space for fiddles, fuzzed guitars and water-clear soprano voices. (Lavinia Blackwall takes the role occupied in the past by singers like Sandy Denny, Jacqui McShee and Maddy Prior.) But Trembling Bells, from Glasgow, do their homage with a bit of delirious freedom... Alex Neilson, the drummer for Trembling Bells, is its guiding hand, and he’s an improviser, making the music swell and rattle' (New York Times).
'**** God help them, the staggering, slavering, stumbling creature they have spawned is a handsome mongrel' (The Sunday Times).

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