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Buck Shot & 9th Wonder The Formula

Buck Shot & 9th Wonder
The Formula


  • Intro - The Formula feat. The Formula Crew
  • / Ready (Brand Nu Day)
  • / Be Cool feat. Swan
  • / Go All Out (No Doubt!!!) feat. Carlitta Durand
  • / No Future
  • / Hold It Down feat. Talib Kweli and Tyler Woods
  • / Whassup With U? feat. Keisha Shontelle
  • / One For You (Big Lou)
  • / Just Display
  • / Here We Go
  • / Throwin' Shade
  • / Shinin' Yall feat. Arafat Yates and Big Chops of M1 Platoon
  • / Man Listen (Cause UMMM) feat. Carlitta Durand