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Ammasu Akapoma Group The Music Of Ammasu

Ammasu Akapoma Group
The Music Of Ammasu


  • Who Is The Chief?
  • / When I Die Will There Be Peace In The House
  • / Proverbs and Greetings
  • / Fontomfrom
  • / The Royal Horn
  • / You Are So Brave
  • / My Lover Is Stranded On The Opposite Side Of The River
  • / My Eyes Are Flooded With Tears
  • / Akapoma
  • / Let Us Say Goodbye To Each Other
  • / Denseuo
  • / New Love Is More Than Madness
  • / If I Don't Marry You I'll Die Out Of Shame
  • / Nano Yago
  • / Tana Tinana
  • / The Brass Band
  • / Eggs Are Eggs...