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Ronnie Von A Maquina Voadora

Ronnie Von
A Maquina Voadora


'This is the last and maybe best album in the trilogy, titled 'A Maquina Voadora' (the flying machine). I don't think it's possible to describe how greatly composed and balanced this album is, truly one-of-a-kind songs. Both mid and slower tempo tunes are mixed here, including all kind of effects and Ronnie's enchanting voice, which fits perfectly the mysterious and melancholic songs in this album. Just listen to it, read the lyrics, look at the cover and let yourself fly into Ronnie's dreamy twisted mind' (Guerssen Records).

  • A Maquina Voadora
  • / Baby De Tal
  • / O Verao Nos Chama
  • / Seu Olhar No Meu
  • / Imagem
  • / Continentes E Civilizacoes
  • / Vive O Chopp Escuro
  • / Enseada
  • / Tema De Alessandra
  • / Aguas De Sempre
  • / Cidade
  • / Vove De Azul