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Revenge Of Blind Joe Death The John Fahey Tribute Album

Revenge Of Blind Joe Death
The John Fahey Tribute Album


Another tribute to the great man. This one features old Takoma pals / discoveries - Peter Lang, Michael Gulezian, Rick Ruskin, new boys (relatively) Sean Smith, Charlie Schmidt along with the likes of Nels Cline, Stefan Grosman, Country Joe MacDonald, Henry Kaiser and more.

  • Sunflower River Blues - Dale Miller
  • / Sally Good - George Winston
  • / St. Louis Blues - Michael Gulezian
  • / The Alligator Walks Sideways On Sunday - Alex de Grassi
  • / Desperate Man Blues - Charlie Schmidt
  • / Dance Of The Inhabitants Of The Palace Of King Phillip Of Spain - Canned Fish
  • / Sun Gonna Shine On My Mardi Gras - David Doucet
  • / Thinking Of John Fahey - Country Joe McDonald
  • / In Christ There Is No East Or West - Peter Lang
  • / Joe Kirby Blues - Terry Robb
  • / The Yellow Princess - Sean Smith
  • / Steamboat Gwine Round De Bend-How Green Was My Valley - Henry Kaiser
  • / Red Pony - Nick Schillace
  • / Assassination Of John Fahey - Stefan Grossman
  • / And 50 Cents Gets You A Cup Of Coffee - Rick Ruskin
  • / Requim For John Fahey - Phil Kellogg
  • / Days Have Gone By In The Halls Of Valhalla - Andrew Stranglen
  • / On The Banks Of The Owchita - Elliot Sharp
  • / Jesus Is A Dying-Bed Maker - Pat O'Connell
  • / John Henry - Blind Joe Death