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Kawabata Makoto Inui 1

Kawabata Makoto
Inui 1


Freeing himself briefly from the psychedelic overload of his day job as Acid Mothers Temple leader, 'Inui 1' was the first solo album from the ludicrously prolific Kawabata Makoto. Originally released in 2000 on the Siwa label, now reissued by VHF, 'Inui 1' finds Kawabata laying down three epic, hypnotic and introspective tracks of folk-drone magic created from subtle and smoky layering of violin, oud, sarangi, bowed sitar, lyra, shou, nei and voice. There's hints of Tony Conrad or Angus MacLise's 60's work, a dash of Popul Vuh's cinematic atmospherics or Pelt's more free-form explorations. A beautiful album.