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Nas Hip Hop Is Dead

Hip Hop Is Dead


'Let's see who can quote Big Daddy Kane the fastest...' Brilliantly flies the flag for culture and memory. Shout-outs by the dozen Tim Dog, Group Home, Busy Bee, Shante... 'It's like these folks never existed.'

  • Money Over Bullshit
  • / You Can't Kill Me
  • / Carry On Tradition
  • / Where Are They Now?
  • / Hip Hop Is Dead
  • / Who Killed It?
  • / Black Republican
  • / Not Going Back
  • / Still Dreaming
  • / Hold Down the Block
  • / Blunt Ashes
  • / Let There Be Light
  • / Play on Playa
  • / Can't Forget About You
  • / Hustlers
  • / Hope
  • / The N...