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Common Electric Circus

Electric Circus


  • Ferris Wheel (with Zap Mama)
  • / Soul Power
  • / Aquarius
  • / Electric Wire Hustler Flower
  • / The Hustle (with Omar)
  • / Come Close (with Mary J. Blige)
  • / New Wave (with Laetitia Sadier)
  • / Star *69 (with Bilal)
  • / I Got A Right Ta (with Pharrell Williams)
  • / Between Me, You And Liberation (with Cee-Lo)
  • / I Am Music (with Jill Scott)
  • / Jimi Was A Rock Star (with Erykah Badu)
  • / Heaven Somewhere (with Omar, Bilal, Cee-Lo, Jill Scott, Mary J. Blige, Erykah Badu)
  • / The Light