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Damon  Albarn Democrazy

Damon Albarn


'No other current major British artist would do this, and with good reason. In the unlikely event that Albarn's old adversary Noel Gallagher was to release a journal of no-fi demos recorded in hotel rooms, you suspect he would have to customise his limited-edition, 10-inch gatefold sleeve by stapling twenty-pound notes to it before anyone would be enticed into buying one.

'However, as Think Tank, Mali Music and Gorillaz proved, Albarn is a unique figure in the premier league of British rock: his work invites the adjective 'unpredictable'. These days, even Radiohead seem to have settled into a routine style (albeit one with outre influences), but it remains cheeringly impossible to predict what Albarn's next album project will sound like. As such, a glimpse into his songwriting process should be greeted with interest...

'It is occasionally brilliant and frequently irritating beyond belief. It is packed with interesting ideas...'

Guardian, CD Of The Week

  • I Need A Gun
  • / Reedz
  • / Half A Song
  • / Five Star Life
  • / A Rappy Song
  • / Back To Mali
  • / I Miss You
  • / Hymn To Moon
  • / Subspecies Of An American Day
  • / American Welfare Poem
  • / Saz Theory Book
  • / Gotta Get Down With The Passing Of Time
  • / End Of Democrazy