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The Vernon Elliott Ensemble Clangers

The Vernon Elliott Ensemble


Vernon Elliot's magical music from the two television series.

'Music is heard coming from Iron Chicken's egg. The egg breaks and Tiny Clanger plays with all the notes from inside. The Soup Dragon eats most of them, so Tiny takes the last couple outside and plants them. He gets the cloud to rain on them, and they grow into beautiful music trees. Tiny Clanger conducts the first tune.'

  • Episode One
  • / Music
  • / Visiting Friends
  • / Clangers Running Around The Planet
  • / Fishing
  • / Treasure
  • / Trees-Music Boat
  • / Goods
  • / End Title
  • / Tiny Clanger's Radio Hat
  • / Special Effects
  • / The Rock Collector
  • / Glowhoney
  • / Teapot
  • / Cloud
  • / The Seed
  • / The Bags
  • / Blow Fruit
  • / The Pipe Organ
  • / The Music Of The Spheres
  • / A Clangers Opera, Act I