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Dawn Of The Dead Unreleased Soundtrack Music

Dawn Of The Dead
Unreleased Soundtrack Music


Albums of the original score as played by Italian prog-rockers Goblin have always been in print. Here at last are the dark and twisted incidental cues like all the music from the shopping mall scenes.

Carefully compiled on this album are the great missing musical moments, picked out for the film-maker George Romero by his friend Dario Argento: the weirdo electronics, the dramatic underscores, the bonkers ragtime jazz, the truly strange big-band numbers, a country blues by The Electric Banana (including members of The Pretty Things).

  • The Gonk
  • / Cosmogony Part 1
  • / Sinestre
  • / Cause I'm A Man
  • / Figment's Park
  • / Mask Of Death
  • / Mall Montage Scene (We Are The Champions)
  • / Barrage
  • / Desert De Glace
  • / Sun High
  • / Dramaturgy