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Jah Batta Argument

Jah Batta


On this album from 1983 Tony O'Meally aka Jah Batta bouyantly follows Lone Ranger's massive revival of U-Roy's legacy.

And the album is a must even for its rhythms alone: basically top-notch Youth Promotion material from Channel One in JA, overdubbed and remixed at White Plains Road in the Bronx, with contributions from Sly & Robbie, and Bagga and Jackie Mittoo from Brentford Road, alongside Wackies regulars.

Version excursions include Sugar originals like Informer and Jezzreel's Stop Playing Tricks, Bob Marley's Too Much Trouble, and deadly do-overs of Studio One cornerstones like Throw Me Corn and Real Rock.

Do it, Jah! Flash it!