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Le Volume Courbe I Killed My Best Friend

Le Volume Courbe
I Killed My Best Friend


'I think it's a punk record, in many ways. But not rock. I don't feel like a proper musician, or a proper singer either. I guess I'm somebody that has ideas, puts things together. If you're trying to do your own thing, without caring what's going on around you, it can actually help if you sometimes don't know exactly what you're doing. Then it's automatically original. I can't copy anyone else, I don't have the technical know-how, so it's unique. Not being experienced gives you more freedom...

'I Killed My Best Friend was actually an improvisation when I first sang it. I didn't speak English well at the time; in fact I don't remember writing it. But I do remember being annoyed at my mother and my best friend, and thinking, I must kill them, at least in my head, at least for a while! A lot of these songs were recorded at different times, in different states of mind, so the voices and atmospheres vary.

'Ain't Got No... I Got Life is a Nina Simone classic. She's one of my favourite women singers. I asked Martin Duffy to play the piano, and it was mindblowing, but then I realised she was one of the hardest people to cover, and perhaps this was a stupid idea! It took me two years to sing it - eventually I just thought, well, I just have to try to make it mine.

'I Shall Skip Your Judgement is a song about Alexander Skip Spence.'

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