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John Fahey Requia

John Fahey


A fascinating combination of experiment and tradition. Requiem For John Hurt is beautiful; Requiem For Molly daring and disturbing.

A truly essential Fahey album. 1967's 'Requia' his first, of two, for folk giants Vanguard brought out some of the most boundary defying music of his career to date. Side one features the enduring and beautiful 'Requiem for John Hurt', 'Requiem for Russell Blaine Cooper' and the triumphant 'When the Catfish is in Bloom' but things get a lot stranger on side two which is mostly taken up by the epic 'Requiem for Molly' finding Fahey's guitar weaving in an out of a sometimes deranged musique concrete soundscape of effects and found sounds that Fahey created with Sam Charters and Barry Hansen. All before ending with the hymn 'Fight On Christians, Fight On'.

  • Requiem For John Hurt
  • / Requiem For Russell Blaine Cooper
  • / When The Catfish Is In Bloom
  • / Requiem For Molly Part 1
  • / Requiem For Molly Part 2
  • / Requiem For Molly Part 3
  • / Requiem For Molly Part 4
  • / Fight On Christians, Fight On