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Rasmus Hedlund
Audio Kurator


Fifth release by this excellent label run out of Vaasa, Finland. Deep, dubwise techno, intently balanced and varied, its heart on its sleeve for analogue and vintage digital equipment and the Basic Channel tradition, but with strong Nordic flavours to its moodiness and murk, melodic soul and vast sense of starred space.

Amadou Balake Bar Konon Mousso Bar
Sensational music by the Burkinabe, from 1978. Hard, JB-injected funk and traditional warba, highlife and Afro-Cubanismo; pumping bass, hypnotic guitars, salsero percussion and burning horns. Fabulous.

Dendren Left To The Field Is An Ocean
A fresh departure for Thomas Goertz — darker, deeper, more spooked and textured than his Ghostleigh work, freed of its garage imperatives. Ace six-tracker.

Balani Show Super Hits Electronic Street Parties From Mali
The heavy sound-clash electro carrying the swing. Snippets of balafon and djembe over vibed-up kuduro and coupe decale rhythms. From originators to bedroom innovators — ten years of hits.

Bruno Nicolai Tutti I Colori Del Buio
From January 1972, Morricone’s Ortophonic studio in Rome: nutty free jazz, aggressive bass-driven beats, Eastern exotica — Alessandro Alessandroni on sitar — and childlike lullabies, Rosemary's Baby style.

Death III
Songs from 1975, 1976 and 1980 — and two from the brothers' 1992 reunion.
Heavy, racked rock from Detroit, with Funkadelic and punk in its heart.

Scientist The Dub Album They Didn't Want You To Hear!
First time out for this 1980 dub companion to Flick Wilson's School Days LP. (Nine out of its ten tracks are here, rounded off with a selection from Wayne Jarrett's What's Wrong LP.) Super-tough, prime Scientist.

Don Carlos Prepare Jah Man
Giddily deep re-cut of Brimstone And Fire, from the Reckless Roots Rockers compilation.

Azul Black Rose
Woozy, extended Clive Hunt instrumental. Piano-as-steel-drum. Pretty killer.

Jah Tuff Thriller In Manila
JT on the legendary fight; John Clark in a nostalgic mood, about an old friend. Both deejaying and singing are mixed in your face, over a nugget of vintage Wackies, gritty and unbalanced. Shimmy shimmy ya.

Jah Joe Dreadlocks Song
Joe Axumite chanting over hard, acidic, Wackies mysticism.

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