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Charles Lloyd Athens Concert
With celebrated socialist protest singer Maria Farantouri, and CL's quartet featuring Jason Moran augmented by a lyra player and second pianist: Theodorakis, traditional Greek music, Eleni Karaindrou, Dream Weaver....

Charles Lloyd And Jason Moran Hagar's Song
Duets covering Gershwin, the Duke, Strayhorn, a Billie Holiday, a Beach Boys... I Shall Be Released by Bob Dylan via The Band... The title suite is a deeply moving CL original, about his great-great-grandmother.

Don Cherry Dona Nostra
'Intimate conversations evolve spontaneously from the sextet, goaded by sparse piano, free-associating acoustic bass, and tasteful splashes of percussion... candidly expressive trumpet' (Wired).

Don Cherry The Codona Trilogy
Trumpet, flutes, doussn'gouni, melodica, organ, voice with Nana Vasconcelos (berimbau, cuica, talking drum, percussion, voice), Collin Walcott (sitar, tabla, hammered dulcimer, sanza, timpani, voice).

Chick Corea Trio Music
With Miroslav Vitous and Roy Haynes in 1981 improvisations and a portion of Monk.

Chick Corea ARC
With Dave Holland and Barry Altschul in 1971.

Francois Couturier Tarkovsky Quartet
Poetic ballads for piano, cello, saxophone and accordion, taking inspiration from the Russian film-maker (and nodding to Bach, Pergolesi and Shostakovich).

Marilyn Crispell One Dark Night I Left My Silent House
Piano duets with David Rothenberg, playing clarinet and bass clarinet.

Cyminology Saburi
Farsi love songs, including a tribute to Norma Winstone, from the German-Iranian singer Cymin Samawatie.

Dans Les Arbres Canopee
Xavier Charles (clarinet, harmonica), Ivar Grydeland (electric guitar, banjo, sruti), Christian Wallumrod (prepared piano, harmonium), Ingar Zach (gran cassa, percussion).