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Dresvn Corbaci Bay
Dynamo Dreesen (Acido) and SVN (Sex Tags). 'Deep and warped percussive house tracks for those who like it out there. Utterly sick.'

Craft Seq Interrupt
The Berlin MD stalks the wards with horse-portion jabs of deadly toolin' techno.

Oscar Mulero Transversal
Juggernaut Sleeparchive remix.

Head High Burning
Delirious UK-breakbeat revivalism.

MMM Que Barbaro
Ebullient neo-Kwaito bumpers.

Tase Acido 13
Scintillating, leftfield techno and house. Wet, steely, suspenseful... ace.

Adopo DHL
Superb, deep EP. Drones, washes, bleep.