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Vanishing Wildlife A Sound Guide To Britain's Endangered Species
Including the otter, mole cricket, corncrake, bittern and wildcat.

Sounds Of The British Coastline A Journey In Sound Along The Shores Of Britain
Including a colony of grey seals among the sand dunes of Lincolnshire; a Northumberland cliff face alive with kittiwakes and fulmars; waves lapping on a shingle beach; herring gull.

Sounds Of The Deep An Exploration Of Life In Our Seas
From the Antarctic to the Caribbean: the humpback whale, the blue whale, dusky dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, the walrus, harp seals, the courtship call of the male haddock.

Dawn Chorus A Sound Portrait of A British Woodland At Sunrise
Lengthy ambient recordings. A Sussex woodland, the New Forest, Dartmoor.

Bird Mimicry A Remarkable Collection Of Imitations By Birds
A jay that neighs like a horse; bullfinches that whistle traditional German folk tunes; a thrush copying a quail; a blackird imitating a computer modem; a starling that mimics an owl, a jackdaw and a chicken.

Beautiful Bird Songs From Around The World
Forty of the most remarkable, among them the haunting black-throated diver, the delicate golden oriole, the ethereal kokako and rufous-throated solitaire. Check the Chiming Wedgebill and Gray Catbird samples.

The Mike Sammes Singers Hymns A'Swinging
Fully entertaining, radical rearrangements of hymns so familiar they're part of the collective unconscious on this celebrated (and pirated), carboot, funky, easy, British jazz ringer, featuring Tubby Hayes.

Studio G The Spacey Folk Electro-Horror Sounds Of The Studio G Library
First retrospective of John Gale's library music label (run for two decades from the late sixties on), featuring various startling cues, and some brilliant excerpts from the original Electronic Age LP.

Yoshi Wada The Appointed Cloud
'The overall effect is of a collaboration in heaven between Oliver Messiaen and Albert Ayler, channelled by Lamonte Young' (The Wire).

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