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The Raincoats Odyshape
Their second album, from 1981.

Raks Raks Raks 27 Golden Garage Psych Nuggets From The Iranian 60s Scene
Like Sublime Frequencies' recent Shadow Music compilation of Thai pop, the main influence here is The Shadows, and The Ventures, with The Rolling Stones and The Beatles following up the rear (where they belong).

Rangda False Flag
Richard Bishop, Ben Chasny and Chris Corsano.

Rangda Formerly Extinct
Chris Corsano, Ben Chasny and Richard Bishop, round two.

Brenda Ray D'Ya Hear Me!
Sweet, lo-fi, drum-machine, reggaefied D-I-Y from the early eighties. Open, warm, slyly experimental, evoking The Slits, New Age Steppers and Young Marble Giants. Lovely, nostalgic.

Brand new, bracing, punky two-tone from four nineteen year-old girls in Bergen, Norway.

Red Crayola Five American Portraits
Unless you enjoy being talked to like this, surely you're better off with a Gertrude Stein reader and some proper Americana, the Blue Sky Boys or something.

The Residents Meet The Residents
The 1974 debut. 'Mixing everything from Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart to Raymond Scott and Sun Ra in the world's most bizarre blender, this one is the place to start.'

Charlie Rich It Ain't Gonna Be That Way
All the stuff he did for Smash.

Rictus Christelle
Legendary, underground French rock from 1980, ranging from lo-fi fuzz to full-blown prog. Each song is presented as the hallucination of a possessed six-year-old. Featuring the fourteen-minute Theme Guerre.