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Don't DJ Rid.Em
Dense, ringing, poly-rhythmic excursions by the Durian Brother. Silk-screened sleeve. Excellent.

Kevin Drumm Kitchen
Treatments of accordion and violin, looped and mixed, on a short run of clear vinyl. Crucial Drumm.

Edgard Varese The View From The Edge
Arcana and Ionisation; also works by Lou Harrison, Silvestre Revueltas, Carlos Chavez and Oliver Messiaen.

Ekoplekz Dromilly Vale EP
Ace, head-nodding, robust agglomeration of bass, radiophonics, industrial and dub. Fits the fine Public Information like a glove.

Electronic Music For The Mind And Body
Stockhausen, Xenakis, Ligeti, Cage.

Ellen Allien Sool
Captivatingly austere, minimal, deconstructed, but deft and in a way intimate.

Emika Count Backwards
Excellent trip-hop, with Kryptic Minds and Marcel Dettmann remixes.