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Bob Dylan The Bootleg Series Volume 4: Live 1966
The so-called Royal Albert Hall Concert (recorded in Manchester). Like A Rolling Stone is something else.

Bob Dylan The Bootleg Series Volume 6: Live 1964
Relaxed and acoustic at Philharmonic Hall (with Joan Baez).

Bob Dylan The Bootleg Series Volume 7: No Direction Home
The soundtrack to the Martin Scorsese film including twenty-six previously unreleased recordings.

Bob Dylan The Bootleg Series Volume 8: Tell Tale Signs
'Rare and unreleased, 1989-2006', with twenty-six tracks out here for the first time.

Michael Hurley Back Home With Driftin' Woods
Precious 1964 recordings, top-notch though never previously released, part of the First Songs sessions for Folkways.

Townes Van Zandt Live At The Old Quarter, Houston, Texas
Wonderful early recordings, some of his very best, from a small club, 18 by 38 feet, in 1973.