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John Berberian Oud Artistry
Partner of the Expressions East set. Heavy vinyl, too.

Tony Allen / Hypnotic Brass Ensemble / Salah Ragab Sankofa / One Tree / Ole
The shimmering, refined funk of Sankofa takes T's Losun for its departure point; the Cairo side is a burning basement session in the Ra big-band tradition, heavy on the percussion and choca with fine solos.

Mustafa Ozkent Genclik Ile Elele
Ozkent built guitars with extra frets to accommodate both Western rock styles and the special tuning of the saz. 'Hand In Hand With Youth' was recorded in the Grafson studios of Istanbul in 1972.

Ostad Elahi A Spiritual Epic: The Art Of Oriental Tanbur Lute
The latest reissue installment of these amazing recordings of solo lute from Iran.