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Little John Ghetto Youth
With Junjo at Channel One.

Little John Jammys Rule
A set of four Jammys dub-plates, courtesy of Dub Store, Tokyo.

Little John False News
Terrific, rare Fight Fight excursion about doing a sho-w in Toronto-w, with tough freaking synths.

Little John And Billy Boyo What You Want To Be (Disc Jockey)
Bim! Rougher than rough Roots Radics cut of Every Tongue from 1982, fired up with wild effects, murderous dubbing, and live, jostling microphone interplay; and with an excoriating version.

Little John And Billy Boyo Brandy
Darker-Than-Blue, basement-session vibes: the O'Jays JA-style, before both kids rush the mic, and things get rough. Headbanging soundboy dub, too. Produced by Toyan for his Look How Me Sexy in 1982.

Little Kirk Ghetto People Broke
One of the great digi albums, originally out on Ruddy Burnett's label in the late 1980s. Screeching down Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, gone clear across the border.