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Bunny Wailer Amagideon
Heavyweight, apocalyptic Bunny, with a burial b-line, burning horns, masterful dub. By a mile the best thing on Blackheart Man and in its full glory here, and beautifully presented by Dub Store in Tokyo.

Paulette Walker So In Love
Vintage Clem Bushay lovers rock via Rock A Shacka / Drum And Bass.

Kevin 'Skie' Warrington It A Road Block
A heavy Channel One rhythm from the mid-80s, voiced in New York, produced by Mikey Jarrett.

Glen Washington Most Wanted
Some Joe Gibbs classics Rockers Nu Crackers, for example and more recent stuff with Lloyd Campbell.

Wayne Smith Time Is A Moment In Space
Deep, haunting roots. A Barbara Streisand rework!

Wayne Smith Dancing Machine
Two more Tashas tough rhythms, with killer synths. The dubs carry the swing.

Joy White Dread Out De
Ace roots. Female vocal, in-your-face trombone, heavyweight bottom end, Lloyd Campbell's expert drum and bass dubbing.