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Ivory Coast Dan Masks
For each mask a song, wearers transforming their voice into a supernatural being's distorting it, or speaking into an instrument, or secretly substituting an instrument. With rattles, bells, drums.

Kanyok And Luba Southern Belgian Congo, 1952 And 1957
Two-thirds from the townships of the copper mines of Katanga Province, showing the early urbanisation of traditional sounds, the guitar taking over the thumb-piano parts.

Karindula Tradi-Modern Sounds From SouthEast Congo
Four bands from the mining city of Lubumbashi. Karindula, after the key instrument a giant banjo made out of an oil barrel, a goat skin and four strings. Wild, upstart, booming, rootsy. Great to have film.

Aly Keita Akwaba Inisene
The exceptionally soulful balaphonist in amongst a guitar band and rocking brass.

Keletigui Et Ses Tambourins The Syliphone Years
Saxophonist and keyboard-player Keletigui Traore's classic Guinean dance music.

KG Band Disco Train
A reissue of the original Kiki Gyan LP from 1980.