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Alexander von Schlippenbach
The Living Music


With Manfred Schoof, Peter Brotzmann, Michael Pilz, Paul Rutherford, Buschi Niebergall and Han Bennink, in 1969.

Peter Brotzmann Balls
The classic, 1970 FMP with Fred Van Hove (piano) and Han Bennink (drums, gachi, shell, voice).

Peter Brotzmann Tschus
The 1975 FMP with Van Hove and Bennink.

Peter Brotzmann The Nearer The Bone, The Sweeter The Meat
With Harry Miller and Louis Moholo in 1979, for FMP.

Peter Brotzmann, Han Bennink Ein Halber Kann Nicht Pinkeln
'Half A Dog Can't Piss.' Brotzmann on clarinets, saxophones and piano; Bennink on drums, viola, banjo, piano, bass clarinet. 1977.

Peter Brotzmann, Han Bennink Schwarzwaldfahrt
E-flat, b-flat and bass clarinets, soprano and alto saxophones, birdcalls, viola, banjo, cymbals, wood, trees, sand, land, water, air. Recorded outdoors in 1977, in the Black Forest, near Aufen. CD from Atavistic.