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Gary McFarland And Gabor Szabo Sketch For Summer
Jazz, bossa, psychedelia, raga, Stones, Hungarian folk, orchestral and film music from Verve, Prestige and Impulse!

Edgard Varese The View From The Edge
Arcana and Ionisation; also works by Lou Harrison, Silvestre Revueltas, Carlos Chavez and Oliver Messiaen.

Gabor Szabo Bacchanal
The Bacchanal and 1969 LPs.

Psychedelic Music Of India
Featuring Ustad Ali Akbar Khan.

Monica Zetterlund Swedish Sensation
Her first album, from 1958, a year before her collaboration with Bill Evans startling for its fragile melancholy, but still swinging combined with both sides of all her early EPs, now highly sought after.

Ferrante And Teicher Soundproof  The Sound Of Tomorrow Today!
Space age pop, exotica, lounge, cocktail music, hi-fi sounds. John Cage meets Joe Meek inna bachelor pad. Definitively The Sound Of The 1950s Today.

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