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Family Circle
Sparkling, gospel-honed soul from 1973 by the Simmons family of Newark, inspired by the likes of the Jackson 5 and Al Green, aided by studio-session heavyweights like Cornell Dupree, Billy Vera and Pretty Purdie.

Purple Snow Forecasting The Minneapolis Sound
Two antenatal hours of rare and unreleased recordings — from Jimmy Jam extroversion to André Cymone’s bedroom demos — with Prince's head showing from the off. A 144-page book, in fine Numero style.

Calvin Harris Love's Recipe
The first time out for these honey-voiced odes to domesticity — alternately buoyant and sobering — produced by Earl Wiley in Chicago in 1972.

Unnatural Funk Band Strange Happenings
A brilliant, tough, mid-70s funk work-out; and some nostalgia, with wistful falsetto and low-riding narration. Formerly known as Bump And The Soul Stompers, led by Jerald 'Bump' Scott, from Kansas City.

Master Plan Inc. Try It (You'll Like It)
Sweet, sassy, mid-70s soul, recorded in Minneapolis, produced in Chicago.
Doug Shorts' silky vocals meet break-heavy, horn-laden funk.

Bump And The Soul Stompers I Can Remember
Invoking The Delfonics’ Do You Remember, and flipping its melody the other way around. Recorded at the Damon Studios in Kansas City (owned by Victor Damon, inventor of the spring reverb).

The Four Mints Gently Down Your Stream
Honest-to-goodness late-60s-early-70s group-harmony soul from Columbus, Ohio, with fine players like vibraphonist Billy Wooten, expert arranging by Dean Francis, and executive production by Capsoul boss Bill Moss.

Herman Jones I Love You
Two sides of unreleased, vintage Minneapolis funk by the Exciters front-man.
As with the 94 East, the flipside is exclusive to this seven.

Eccentric Soul The Forte Label
Reviewing Ellis Taylor's Kansas City imprint — from prime Marva Whitney all the way through to Sharon Revoal's ace, slinky, early-eighties disco-funk.

Mickey And The Soul Generation Iron Leg
Rugged early-seventies funk — greasy, fatback and home-cooked — championed hard back in the day by DJ Shadow, now with full Numero trimmings and service.

Eccentric Soul The Bandit Label
The history of the Chicago label, and the life of its owner Arrow Brown: twenty tracks of blistering R and B, sweet soul, and discofied funk. Now on vinyl, in a sumptuous Numero box-set.

Iasos Celestial Soul Portrait
1970s bottlings of the 'crystal giggling energy' of muse Vista, through a pioneering mix of one-stop synths, tape reversal, feedback and so on. Supposedly the kind of thing you hear during a near-death experience.

King Bullard Version Songs Of The Bos Label
Soul-drenched, late-sixties gospel from Cleveland.

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