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Winston And Rupert Let Me Tell You Girl
Winnie and Rupe face down the Ebony Sisters. Brave boys. Mudie set-up.

I Roy Set The Captives Free
Irrepressible toasting, over a hurting Freddie McKay vocal and rocking, percussive rhythm, with a killer horns dub (from the Cancer LP).

I Roy Fire In A Wire
Roy Reid (a JA customs official) on the politics of national currencies, with a dub getaway to Ruritania from The General double.

Horace Martin Bad Boys
Horace 'Lawyer' Martin's next version to his own Me Rule classic. Produced by Winston 'Prince Huntley' Dakin, taking time out from his Modernize Printery, around the corner from Channel One.

Douglas Boothe Holy Mt. Zion
Another Me Rule excursion, with its own dub.

Carlton Shoe Forever
Heavy, gorgeous, black harmony killer from Carlton Manning (the Abyssinians' brother) for Cash And Carry, in the late-seventies, invoking Studio One days a decade earlier.

Karl Bryan Slippery
Tasty, brilliantly-arranged, minor-chord instrumental of Tonight led by the saxophone of Cannonball 'Money Generator' Bryan; with a secret-weapon piano-lick on the flip.

Junior Murvin The Hustler
Aka Junior Soul, in 1969.

Noel Brown Phoenix
Laid-back rocksteady soul from Noel, out of the Chosen Few coupled with a fun Ike Bennett organ workout.

The Determination Settle Bad Boy
Rocking digital roots from Derwin Dawes, Donald Marshall and Anthony 'Ringo Paul' Hill aka the Mighty Rulers, aka D'Nations recorded in 1998, though never released before on vinyl.