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Gappy Ranks Put The Stereo On
The Peckings Bros at the controls. Broader-than-Broadway rudeboy revival vibes, overflowing with militant nostalgia and love, over some choice original rhythms. Vinyl at last.

Frighty And The Offbeat Posse Jah Love
Nice, bubbling, hymnal grower. Criss dub, with spaced-out synth.

Leroy Smart Life Is A Funny Thing
Satta outing, with Trinity on the flip.

Horace Andy Skylarkin
Bunny Lee re-rub, with Tubby at the desk.

Ken Boothe Satta Massagana
Don't miss the I-Roy on the flip, same rhythm.

I Roy Gussie Presenting
A top-notch showcase of the great deejay too many brilliant toasts to fit the rack.

Rod Taylor No One Can Tell I About Jah
Super heavy.
Five Cry Tuffs in last week. A fist of fury. Rootical knuckle-dusters.