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Rico Repatriation Remedy
Terrific horns cut of the Dunkley.

Errol Carter Hold Up Your Head
Aka Flabba copping a little Spear, a little Johnny Clarke.

Errol Dunkley Down Below
Mis-labelled once again, this is the great Down Below tune originally out on a Studio One white; backed with Deep Meditation.

Naggo Morris False Rasta
Tearing, thunderous, vengeful, rootical steppers from 1982; a Shaka paradigm, fierce and super-heavyweight. The A rolls out dub annihilation; the B-side dubplate mix is dubwise from the start.

Invasion Of The Mysteron Killer Sounds
Brilliant digi dancehall rhythms from Firehouse to Lenky with some new stuff thrown in by the likes of Diplo and Harmonic 313.

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The Heptones The Heptones
Earl Morgan 'the big break come when they release Fattie Fattie. They ban it on the radio but it was a number one seller.'

Bounty Killer Enemies
Another batch of future classics from Dave 'Mad People' Kelly. Thrilling to have brand new JA records this good, after a bit of a drought. Digi killers, right under your nose.

Mavado All Dem A Talk
Going for it true-Mavado-style on Sean 'Chrome' Chablal's Dancehall EFX rhythm. Creative, Humble, Real, Original, Musical and Enthusiastic, according to Sean.