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Charlie Rich It Ain't Gonna Be That Way
All the stuff he did for Smash.

Richard Lerman Music of Richard Lerman 1964-1987
On Folkways in 1983, Travelon Gamelon married a kind of gamelan, Fluxus, and banging and clanking. Fans of Angus MacLise, Gamelan Son of Lion, David Berhman, MEV, Tirath Singh Nirmala etc will lap it up.

Rictus Christelle
Legendary, underground French rock from 1980, ranging from lo-fi fuzz to full-blown prog. Each song is presented as the hallucination of a possessed six-year-old. Featuring the fourteen-minute Theme Guerre.

Terry Riley Rainbow In Curved Air
Late-60s, minimal, ambient classic, with Riley's lovely synth and organ-playing deftly elucidating seven phases scored here for large orchestra with extra percussion and electronics.

Terry Riley Reed Streams
Intensely hypnotic, cornerstone minimalism from 1966: four and eight-note organ patterns; four, eight and twelve-note sax loops via tape recorders. Plus a funked-up In C by Walter Boudreau's L'Infonie big-band.

Terry Riley Poppy Nogood And The Phantom Band, All Night Flight
Steeply entrancing, shimmering drones drawn from a six-hour, all-night concert in 1968, performed on organ, saxophone and echo-machine.