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Oneohtrix Point Never The Fall Into Time
Rarities from 2009. A bunch of OPN vinyl in this week.

Daphne Oram Oramics
Genius from the Radiophonic Workshop, with ads for stuff like power tools and Kia Ora, music for an Asimov play, films and installations. Lovingly done; full of intrepid brilliance.

Daphne Oram The Oram Tapes Vol. 1
Forty-six tracks focussing on the more experimental, darker output of this founder of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

Carl Orff And Gunild Keetman Music For Children
1950s children's recordings: glockenspiels, wine-glasses, cello, bells, cymbals; stamping, clapping, percussion. Nursery rhymes turned sound-exercises and roundels. Captivating, darkly nostalgic, beautiful.

Otto Luening, Vladimir Ussachevsky Tape Recorder Music
Foundational electronic tape music from the early 1950s: manipulations of flute, bells and woodwind, invoking the Unknown (not to mention early Kraftwerk). The sleeve is a lovely Ronald Clyne, pre-Folkways.

Outer Limits Recordings I Need My T.V.
'A Squeeze-meets-XTC vibed track that will appeal to fans of the Rangers, as it sounds like a half-remembered lost classic from an '80s infomercial beamed onto a thrift-store VHS.'

Pakistan Folk And Pop Instrumentals 1966-76
'Rock and roll beat, surf, traditional folk mixed with pop, film tunes, electric guitars, sitar and organ solos, brilliant percussion and arrangements crafted by the grooviest bands of the period.'