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Fred Neil Sessions
Warm, comfy and loose — unashamedly inchoate — for Capitol in 1967.
Nice Percy Mayfield cover.

Neu! Neu!
The immensely influential 1972 debut and Motorik cornerstone of the duo comprising guitarist Michael Rother and former Kraftwerk drummer Klaus Dinger. Four Neu! LP titles in today.

Neung Phak 2
Uproarious mix-up of Molam pop, Thai acid-rock, Javanese dangdut, default TwoTone and Cambodian instro-drama from the Oakland CA seven-piece including Sublime Frequencies' Mark Gerghis (with Alan Bishop guesting).

Nico Desertshore
Terrific arrangements by John Cale; Nico bleak but utterly captivating at the harmonium... a stone-cold classic.

Nico The Marble Index
Vinyl from Sundazed.

Bruno Nicolai Processo
From vampire horrotica: the Morricone cohort's tense harpsichord for Il Conte Dracula (with Christopher Lee and Klaus Kinski), and Roger Roger's swooping dreamscape theme crossing Theremin and bowed saw.

Alwin Nikolais Choreosonic Music Of The New Dance Theatre
Partch collaborator, late-50s NYC. Drums, rattles, bells, gongs, cymbals, blocks… whistles, pipes, bits of wood and tin... glasses, elastic bands, coils, wire… piano… free vocals, clapping, stomping…

Nippon Girls Japanese Pop, Beat And Bossa Nova 1966-70
Belting and brassy, sexy and ardent, this is great fun.