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The Vampires Of Dartmoore Dracula's Music Cabinet
1968 collaboration between sound librarians Horst Ackermann and Heribert Thusek: 'a sexy horror cash-in concept-album Krautrock meets lesbian vampire Horrortica and Easy Listening meets Psychedelia.'

Vanishing Wildlife A Sound Guide To Britain's Endangered Species
Including the otter, mole cricket, corncrake, bittern and wildcat.

Jean-Claude Vannier L'Enfant Assassin Des Mouches
Child-Killer Of Flies nuts, concrete, orchestral psych funk from the genius behind Melody Nelson. 'You really need it in your life', says Jarvis Cocker; 'fucking genius', David Holmes.

Jean-Claude Vannier Electro Rapide
Rare and unreleased studio-archive material.

Jean-Claude Vannier Roses Rouge Sang
His comeback, forty years after Histoire De Melody Nelson, with the same signature mix Axelrod-style orchestral sensibility and stoner funk-rock framing his own louche vocals, and poeticised and punning verses.