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John Hill Six Moons Of Jupiter
Spiritual jazz featuring Gerry Mulligan, beat poetry from Susan Christie, proto space rock and analogue electronics prepared by Walter Sear.

Yoshi Wada Off The Wall
Wonderful stuff first on FMP in 1985 bagpipes, organ, percussion, with huge density and scale. At times beatless, at others like techno crossed with the kind of tribal rounds Tracey got in Uganda, for example.

O Oleva
Mika Vainio's magnificent, vast, roiling, droning, rasping techno.

Monkey Journey To The West
Even unharnessed from the show, this is bracing, brilliant entertainment, bursting with musical ideas and experiments and it manages its Chinese themes beautifully, without cheese or condescension.

A Pot Of Flowers With Love
A label sampler late 60s/early 70s psych, nice and obscure.