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Harry Partch Enclosure 7
Stuffed: a 1971 documentary; a 1969 filmed performance of Delusion Of The Fury; something from Revelation In The Courthouse Park from 1961; various hippies; and Partch himself, at 72, ranting and raving.

The Vampires Of Dartmoore Dracula's Music Cabinet
1968 collaboration between sound librarians Horst Ackermann and Heribert Thusek: 'a sexy horror cash-in concept-album Krautrock meets lesbian vampire Horrortica and Easy Listening meets Psychedelia.'

Wooden Shjips Vol. 1
All the early, self-released singles.

Destroy That Boy! More Girls With Guitars
Sparky, attitudinous girl garage from Europe and the US.

Lee Hazlewood Movin' On
Straight country and lounge gloop including new versions of songs tried elsewhere, like Randy Newman's Let's Burn Down The Cornfield, and his own LA Lady and Come On Home To Me.

Taj Mahal Travellers Live Stockholm, July 1971
One two-hour-long improvisation. Julian Cope reckons it's their best record.

Baris Manco Dunden Bugune
His LP debut from 1971, collecting singles and other stuff from the previous few years. Landmark Turkish psych rock, including classics like Derule and Daglar, and the brutal sample-prone wah wah of Kucuk.

Sleeparchive LBB Works
Fierce noise... for sluicing your system.