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Harry Partch Revelation In The Courthouse Park
His Euripidean magnum opus. 'Religious rituals with a strong sexual element are not unknown to our culture.' The 1987 Music Theater production, with Partch instruments like the Diamond Marimba and the Spoils Of War...

The Velvet Underground Live 1969
A knockout Sweet Jane, unmissable Pale Blue Eyes, 8-minute White Light... Reed singing Femme Fatale and one-off arrangements like a mellow Waiting For My Man... LR so solicitous about the tiny Dallas crowd. Fab.

Walter Schuman The Night Of The Hunter
Betty Benson's unforgettable lament (ventriloquising a five-year-old) from the Charles Laughton film. If you haven't seen it, you really must. And Norbert Glanzberg's Witch's theme for organ and guitar.

Lamonte Young And The Theatre Of Eternal Music Raag Bhairava
Recorded in 1960, perhaps with Dennis Johnson. Deeply gone and compelling.

Michael Rother Sterntaler
'Second solo album — with Jaki Liebezeit on drums — from the Krautrock legend (Kraftwerk, Harmonia, Neu!). Out in 1978; produced by Conny Plank. Transcendent, trance-inducing ambient rock of the highest level.'

Harmonia Live 1974
Excitingly the first issue of all five songs, in extended performances by this under-recorded combination of Michael Rother from Neu! and Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Dieter Moebius from Cluster.

Laraaji Essence/Universe
Reissue of the 1987 Audion. 'Two epic half-hour works: Laraaji at his most immersive and exploratory. Heavenly tone clusters stretch out into infinity, recalling Popul Vuh’s soundtracks for Werner Herzog.'

Laraaji Celestial Music 1978-2011
'Unique overview of the legendary electronic mystic. Rarities from private press cassettes; classic collaborations with Eno, Bill Laswell and co. Hypnotic ragas, cosmic synth bliss, far-out sonic explorations.'

Laraaji Two Sides Of Laraaji
Combining LP collaborations with Michael Brook in 1992 — beautiful ambient instrumentals — and Japanese band Audio Active in 1995, setting his words of wisdom to dub.

Eliane Radigue Adnos I-III
One of her masterpieces, composed between 1973 and 1980: 'a deeply meditative work of infinite depth and sensitivity; one of the high points of modern minimal electronic composition.' Nicely packaged, too.

John Harrison Day Of The Dead, Original Soundtrack
For the first time ever, the complete score, including every musical cue. Yellow and green marbled vinyls, a tip-on spot-varnished gatefold sleeve, and a poster. Extensive notes by Harrison and Romero.