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Iannis Xenakis, Charisma X Efi Xirou
Music, interviews and testimonies from collaborators, specialists and others. IX himself in performance Polytope de Mycenae, La Legende d'Eer and its Diatope, and the opera Oresteia.

George Gurdjieff Harmonic Development: The Complete Harmonium Recordings, 1948-1949
144-page book of photos and memoir, with a preface by Robert Fripp. The first disc contains mp3s of 196 recordings, over 19 hours (with a short 1949 film); the 2CD set is a selection in standard audio format.

Raymond Scott Soothing Sounds For Baby, 1 to 6 Months
'Indispensable aids to parents during the feeding, teething, play, sleep and fretful periods of infants.' A series of three, tailored to different age-groups, from 1963.

Wolf Eyes No Answer : Lower Floors
With old boys Aaron Dilloway and Mike Connelly; the vocals, electronics, woodwinds and guitar of newest member Jamas Baljo. 'Goes much further in detailing their underworld of odd melodies and mangled harmonics.'

Charlemagne Palestine, Z'ev Rubhitbangklanghear
Carillon and percussion recordings, together and solo, from 2010.

Ghedalia Tazartes Check Point Charlie
From 1989 an hour-long polyphony of layered field recordings and his own unmistakable multi-tracked vocals, somewhere between a scream of gibberish and the call-to-prayer.

Morton Feldman First Recordings: 1950s
His only work for magnetic tape (in collaboration with John Cage and Earle Brown); his soundtrack for two cellos to a film about Jackson Pollock, with narration by JP; some solo piano; something for Merce Cunningha...