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Kevin Drumm Kitchen
Treatments of accordion and violin, looped and mixed, on a short run of clear vinyl. Crucial Drumm.

Chocolate Watch Band One Step Beyond
Their third and final studio album, a lot more folk-rock than before. More Jefferson Airplane and Quicksilver than Rolling Stones. Moby Grape's guitarist Jerry Miller sits in on Devil's Motorcycle.

Oneohtrix Point Never The Fall Into Time
Rarities from 2009. A bunch of OPN vinyl in this week.

Dennis Johnson November
Five-hour minimalist masterpiece, written in 1959, hailed by La Monte Young as the inspiration behind The Well-Tuned Piano; performed here by R. Andrew Lee. Beautiful, slow-paced, introspective.

Iannis Xenakis Electronic Works 1
Starting with the most important of them the massive, staggering Legende d'Er, composed for the opening of the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris.

Iannis Xenakis Music For Strings
'Visceral, sonically bold works exploring the many possibilities of writing for strings, including howling glissandi, clustered pizzicatos and tremelos, the clatter of bouncing bows, and rich dynamics and colour.'

Iannis Xenakis String Quartets
The first complete recording. 'I would never have expected to see a downtown nightclub erupting with whoops after performances of four hypercomplex, cutting-edge string quartets by Iannis Xenakis' (New York Times)....