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Classroom Projects
Top marks for this spell-binding collection of folk songs and avant-garde experiments recorded by small English primary school-children between 1959-77. It's lovely stuff, exemplary Trunk, warmly recommended.

Edward Artemiev Stalker, The Mirror
Artemiev's 1989-90 Moscow re-recordings of his soundtracks to the classic Tarkovsky films.

Dreamies Auralgraphic Entertainment
Celebrated Head Music from 1974, spawned by John Cage and Revolution Number 9. Psych, pop and experimentalism whirled together with Lennon-style vocals, sound collages, early electronics and proto-sampling.

Moon B Off
The 'Cassette Funk EP': six tracks, twenty minutes, tape only.

Finis Africae El Secreto De Las 12
Eighties sides highlighting the organic spirituality of FA. Drones; flutes, hand percussion, guitar, sax, keys; field recordings. A warmed-up Jon Hassell's Fourth World. The opener is a bona fide Balearic classic.

Poul Gernes
His musical oeuvre back to back with a lovely etching of one of his paintings. Very-much-home recordings of harmonium reflections on Bach, Terry Riley and co by this collaborator of Kirkeby, Beuys, Christiansen...

Electronic Music For The Mind And Body
Stockhausen, Xenakis, Ligeti, Cage.