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The Tim Gaze Band Band On The Run
From the Tamam Shud milieu, the soundtrack for a 1982 Australian surf movie.

Boredoms Super Roots 9
Engine 9, delayed way too long (and now at an approachable price, a year after the Japanese release): a colossal explosion recorded live, with Eye on turnables and samples, three drummers and a choir.

Ersen Ersen
Anatolian funk rock revive.

Henry Mancini Touch Of Evil OST
Henry Mancini's fabulously evocative Latin-flavoured soundtrack to the classic Orson Welles film.

Supernatural Hot Rug And Not Used Supernatural Hot Rug And Not Used
One electric guitar, one sort-of-bass, preamps, amplifiers, microphones, one big room overlooking Osaka in 2005.

Pebbles Volume 8
Bookended by two all time greats - from The Lollipop Shoppe and The Lemon Drops one of the most essential volumes in this incredible series.

Pebbles Volume 10
Still those killers keep coming...

Tim Buckley Goodbye And Hello
From 1967, his best commercial success in his lifetime a potent mix of baroque pop and yearning, questing folk. And boy, could he sing! Several all-time highlights here.

Carl Stone Woo Lae Oak
His debut, originally released on Joan La Barbara's Wizard Records in 1983 a shimmering, beautiful 54 minute tape piece based around minimal samples of strings and wind.